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Energy Savvy

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Normandy Homes is proud to offer its comprehensive ‘Energy Savvy Program’- a high efficiency energy program designed into every home. We know building an energy-efficient home is not only important to the comfort of your family, but to your budget as well. Our program is customized to the design and location of each home. This includes a comprehensive performance analysis, using the latest construction methods, materials and HVAC systems to ensure overall long-term energy efficiency.

Normandy Homes has partnered with SYSTEMHAUSE – an Independent building performance consultant. Together, we have created an ‘Energy Savvy Program’ for Normandy Homes that includes a combination of high performance products and construction methods designed for maximum savings.

Energy Savvy

Normandy’s ‘Energy Savvy’ Program includes:

  • Floor plan & Homesite Evaluation – all homes are reviewed in advance of construction to ensure the correct design specifications and equipment are included in each one to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Specialized Training - training programs have been developed for all vendors and subcontractors to be sure they understand and build each home to the exact energy-saving specifications as designed.
  • Independent Review – SYSTEMHAUSE will inspect all homes at key stages to be sure they meet or exceed our high efficiency energy standards. Key elements that will be included in each home and undergo the proper inspection include:
    • Energy Efficient Windows – designed to keep the energy in while letting the sun shine though!
    • Radiant Barrier – decked roofs to reduce the sun’s radiation and enhance your comfort in every room.
    • High Energy Efficient & Sealed HVAC System – 16 SEER certified systems with a 10 year parts & compressor warranty.
    • Ecobee Programmable Thermostats- fully customizable to your lifestyle while saving energy at the same time
    • Properly Ventilated attics – to encourage proper air flow and allows remote access for temperature control via WiFi
    • R 38 Stabilized Blown Insulation – to resist heat flow, stabilizing temperature and comfort in your home.
    • Seals & Flashing – to ensure a tight building envelope
  • Blower door and Duck Leakage Testing - to be sure each home is properly built and performing as designed.

At Normandy Homes, we go the extra step on each home to keep your family comfortable and your utility costs as low as they can be. It’s our job to think ‘Energy Savvy’ when designing a home just for you.

Normandy Homes

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Bruno Pasquinelli, President